#Get2Yes Build the Trans Mountain Oil and Gas pipeline

What happens when even a federal cabinet approval isn’t enough to get a pipeline built? Taxpayers end up purchasing a pipeline that the private sector would have built – except that red tape, professional protestors, U.S.-funded eco-activists and deluded politicians are out to kill this vital pipeline.

The Benefit

Since 1953, the Trans Mountain Pipeline system has been safely and efficiently providing the only West Coast pipeline access for Canadian oil products. The pipeline has been adapted over the years to meet evolving needs. The planned $7.4-billion expansion will, when built, create a twinned pipeline that would increase the capacity of the system from 300,000 barrels per day to 890,000.

It will open up lucrative new markets for Canadian energy and generate billions for the economy. And it comes with 15,000 construction jobs.

The Roadblock

There are two final hurdles: the BC NDP and the courts. One can be pressured politically by people like you, the other we have to wait and see. It’s time for the BC NDP to drop its foolish opposition to this nationally-vital project. In return for their support in making John Horgan premier, the BC NDP promised the Green Party that it would use “every tool in the toolkit” to stop Trans Mountain. The Greens today are a spent force and have supported the NDP despite the NDP doing the right thing and building Site C and LNG. Breaking their promise to the Greens on Trans Mountain would cost the NDP little politically and provide a much-needed boost to B.C.’s fiscal outlook. 

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