#Get2Yes Build the Coastal GasLink Pipeline

It was a hard fight, but ICBA’s #Get2Yes platform never wavered in its support for LNG Canada and its Coastal GasLink pipeline.

Approximately 670 kilometres long, the Coastal GasLink pipeline project is an approved, under construction pipeline that will safely deliver natural gas across northern B.C. Combined with LNG Canada, the project is a $40-billion investment in British Columbia, adding $7.4 billion annually to Canada’s GDP and generating about 65,000 jobs per year over 30 years. Plus it gets our Asian neighbours off dirty coal and on to much more environmentally-friendly natural gas.

Despite Coastal GasLink signing agreements with every single elected First Nations council along its route, and receiving loud support from the vast majority of B.C.’s Indigenous community, a small group of American-funded eco-activists and professional protestors continue to attack the project.

But construction is under way – and it will be an incredible win for the economy, Indigenous people, and the environment.

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