#Get2Yes BC Deserves Fair, Open Tendering

Giving the NDP millions of dollars in donations shouldn’t mean a monopoly on taxpayer-funded construction, but the NDP Government has announced sweeping changes to government procurement policy by bringing back restrictive and regressive 1990s-style project labour agreements. This is a radical departure from the fair, open and transparent process that has successfully built our province over much of its history.

The Benefit

B.C.’s construction industry is diverse, with 85 percent of the nearly 250,000 men and women working in construction choosing to not be affiliated the BC Building Trades Unions, which have given at least $2.5 million to the NDP over the past four elections. The NDP want to tilt force all workers on taxpayer-funded projects to join these government-approved unions. This reduces competition, adds inefficiency and cost to the projects and will cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Roadblock

Under John Horgan’s new law, within 30 days of employment on the job site, any non-union worker or a worker from another affiliation is forced to join an NDP-approved union for work specific to the project. To take away an individual’s hard-earned freedom of choice and association is disgusting. The new policy gives the Building Trades Unions a monopoly on government-funded construction projects, beginning with the $1.4 billion Pattullo Bridge replacement project, followed by some $25.6 billion in other taxpayer-funded projects.

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