#Get2Yes The Site C Dam

We got the Site C clean energy project approved by an NDP government that openly campaign against it. Using the power of the #Get2Yes platform and social media, we convinced the NDP government of the importance of Site C’s clean energy and the thousands of construction jobs there.

ICBA launched a “pink slip” campaign to convince Premier Horgan to finish the Site C project and raise public awareness about the importance of Site C for B.C.’s clean energy future. When the NDP and Greens signed their governing agreement promising a BCUC review, ICBA:

  • Held multiple media events with 2,500 specially-made pink slips representing the men and women working on the dam who faced mass layoffs
  • Published op-eds supporting completion
  • Hired a plane to fly a pro Site C banner over the NDP Throne Speech
  • Placed a billboard on the Pat Bay Highway promoting Site C
  • Launched a poster campaign in Fort St. John to support the dam
  • Generated several thousand emails and letters from the public supporting the dam through ICBA’s “Get2Yes” platform
  • Launched an intensive social media campaign for the dam, with six Site C Facebook videos being watched nearly 150,000 times
  • Made several presentations to the BCUC during its review, including in Vancouver, Prince George and Fort St. John

It worked! John Horgan flipped on his pre-election promise to stop Site C and ordered it to be completed.

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